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Hello, I am Vanessa Marques Cabacinha, creator of the brand AZULEJOS DE FACHADA

The Brand AZULEJOS DE FACHADA  exists since 2009 and have clients all over the world !


The essence of the project is ColoUr and the main goal since the beginning is to celebrate the tile as a key element of the portuguese tradition, spread its beauty and their incredible resistance and versatility ;


The Brand is 100 % portuguese, just like me : ) and all materials, tiles, cork and inks are also from portuguese suppliers


All tiles are hand painted with the old stencil technique and made in a special oven at 1000 C exactly like the way it used to be made ;


There are several Collections and the main one that gives name to the  project is Azulejos de  Fachada Collection, where some of the most typical tiles with old patterns from the portuguese buildings facades are hand painted but with new colors, becoming this way, a true contemporary Project ;


Besides the main Collection there are also the Sardines Collection, Lisbon Collection, Love and Art Collections and also numbers and Letters ;



The project has two ways : utilitarian  way and Decoration way 

In the utilitarian one all tiles have cork on the back so they can be perfectly used as a hot food support, coasters, cutting boards for Brad and cheese, cakes, pans, candles support and much much more ;


The Decoration way is for interior and exterior decorative Projects such as Bathrooms , kitchens, gardens, swimming pools and much much more! 

In these cases tiles are set directly at the surface without needing the cork 


This project has its own space in Alfama, Lisbon, and has several selling points all over the country such as : the Portfolio Shops at the portuguese aeroports in Lisbon, Faro (Algarve), Porto City and also Madeira Island ;

It's also present in Aveiro and Porto, in Lisbon at Rossio Station, Castel of S. Jorge, Cais do Sodre Train Station, Belém (CCB),  at the Turism LX Shop and  Downtow at Clementine Shop 


Now the Brand can also be in your house through the new online shop and even make a virtual visit at the actual Factory and shop enjoying all Collections and all the news so they can be also present in your life ! 


Thank you and enjoy 


Azulejos de Fachada, they are part of your life ! 

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